Unlock - a market research company, making sense of the consumer nonsense

Unlock is a start-up in market research, founded by a team of experienced professionals. They wanted to bring a new spirit to the research market.

They believed market research was a little plagued by professionals doing research and offering advice, without caring if customers indeed acted out on that advice. Most often, customers received a printed, heavy, document, that would lie in some office gathering dust. 

They also fought against using market research as a cover-your-ass strategy, rather than using research as a creative springboard for what was possible for a brand.

On the whole, the industry was reinforcing the perception that market research was a very important profession, in a sterile manner. Whereas customers wanted honest advice, delivered as humanely as possible.

Out of all these legitimate desires, I created the brand name and came up with the visual concept for the identity:

  • "Unlock" - a very straightforward name signifying making sense of what was in the consumer mind. And once you unlock that truth, the door was wide open for you to take action. 
  • the visual identity was based on the same idea - bringing order, where chaos ruled. Words forming out of meaningless strings of letters.
  • the brand slogan "now you know" is actually an invitation for you to act: now you know, so what are you going to do about it? It is meant to inspire action and put that knowledge to good use.
The new brand

The new brand