Tiriac Holdings - the Re-branding for a New Generation

Tiriac Holdings, the company founded by the legendary tennis player of the 70s, Ion Tiriac, is one of the largest Romanian holding companies, encompassing over 40 businesses. The group is active in real estate, auto industry, flight industry, leasing & finance and more.

In 2009, just as the crisis was beginning to unfold, Mr. Tiriac decided that it was time for a change at the brand level, as he was preparing to step-off the business scene and give more of his executive power, to his son. 

Interviews with Tiriac Holdings employees, as well as the leaders of each of the business unit, gave us a clear picture of what this company culture stood for. Qualitative studies conducted among the target audience of the group, also brought to light the power of Mr. Tiriac brand persona, as businessman and sportsman. Somehow, it all converged around the founder. Therefore, our task was to bring to light the values of this remarkable person and embody them into a visual symbol:

  • integrity and power - the lion
  • endurance - the bee
  • vision for achieving greatness - the star
  • stability for building a business empire - the tower

We brought together all these symbols into a single one - a shield, inspired by the art of heraldic - to inspire the shift to the new generation of leaders that were to take over the company. The personal legacy of one man, transformed into the symbol of company culture. 

And it was at the company culture level that this re-branding had the biggest effect: the majority of the 40 businesses were active in the services domain, therefore the impact on employees was major. There was a sudden and powerful shift in the customer experience they provided, because they felt proud of contributing to a legacy. 

Tiriac Holdings re-branding project won 2013 REBRAND 100 award, as well as Best Brand Consolidation award at Transform Awards 2012.

The re-branding also had the beneficial effect of increasing sales with 15% across the entire portfolio in 2 years since it was implemented.


You can read the REBRAND 100 case study here. I am also part of the project team, by my former name Monica Dumitriu :).

New brand symbol

New brand symbol

Old brand portfolio

Old brand portfolio