Cher Patissier - building a bakery brand

A group of investors approached with a specific request: build a bakery brand, so enticing, that it would a piece of cake to expand the brand through franchise.

The Romanian fresh bakery market was terribly underdeveloped, at the time we created Cher Patissier. Basically, the competition was formed by small, unbranded, bakeries selling only pates & pretzels. 

However, to make sure we create a solid brand, we conducted qualitative research that revealed the meaning, behaviors and motivations behind bakery consumption: turns out, the best consumption moment for patisserie was at breakfast time, when people are looking to grab something warm to eat, on their road to their jobs. Their motivation was obviously functional, yet it carried, in time an enormous emotional potential: stopping by day after day had the possibility of emotionally connecting with consumers, learning their preferences and wishing them a good day at work.

Therefore the brand solution was simple:

  • on the naming side, we chose a simple, descriptive name, yet carrying an emotional descriptor "cher" (meaning dear in French) anticipating the emotional connection we wanted to build. Also, French was chosen because Romanians had most trust in French patisserie as opposed to Danish, Austrian or German bakeries.
  • on the brand positioning, Cher Patissier was going to become the bakery to start your day with. If we could confidently claim this territory, it meant that we would cover almost 70% of the daily consumption.
  • finally, for the visual identity, we created a character - Cher Patissier - to strengthen the personalized experience that we wanted to create. 
  • the brand visual territory, complemented the chef patissier, with simple drawings of kitchen tools and bakery products.