Christmas Is Something Special

The most heartwarming, lovable and endearing Christmas ads round-up. I couldn't help list them all because there is something special about how big retailers in UK create emotional, engaging ads even though none will win the prize for creativity. It's as if they're there just to make us feel good. Such a huge difference from Romanian retails who see Christmas as an opportunity for even more price discounts.

Mulberry #WinChristmas

A little bit predictable plot, though I have to admit the unicorn was a surprise. Nevertheless, a Mulberry bag is a Mulberry bag and every girl knows that :)

John Lewis - #MontyThePenguin

My favorite. Perfect plot, emotion and surprise. Wonderful method of applying an universal insight: dreams coming true on Christmas.

Marks & Spencer - #FllowTheFairies

Beautiful execution, though I wasn't aware until now that fairies are involved with Christmas.

Debenhams - Found It!

Boots - #SpecialBecause

Tesco - #LightsOn

Which one is your favorite?