7 Minutes of Wonder In October

Hello all! and welcome again to the 7 articles that caught my eye this month and gave me an "aha" moment. 

  1. This past month the automotive industry was shattered by the whole Volkswagen deal, showing the dark side of "software is eating the world": this NyTimes article reveals that car software may be the next hacker threat to our lives, a much dangerous threat than anyone previously thought. 
  2. A nice round-up of Internet trends in 2015, courtesy of KPCB. Useful no matter what industry you are in.
  3. A brief history of the corporation from 1600 to 2100 :) foreshadowing that corporations, as we know them, will cease to be the centre of our economic life. 
  4. What skills to look for and what to ask potential employees if you hire for a start-up or for a fast-growing company (i.e. what to look for in an ambiguous, changing environment). Read it in First Round.
  5. You've heard that stress it's bad for your health. True. But only if you think it so. In this TED video, Kelly McGonigall, a health psychologist, shows us the intricate hormonal balance that make your thoughts your reality when it comes to stress.
  6. How work life teaches us to be better partners in our private life - a quite nice reversal of ideas: how to learn, how to express truths without causing upset...how to listen to strange views.....how to be patient with fiddly things. Courtesy of Book of Life.
  7. How we are all here on this earth to serve yet serving has such a bad PR. How every company in this world is here to serve in some way, yet customer service is often the weakest point. How brands and marketing could be so much better by understanding the psychology of serving. Learn how to serve.