The Curious Case of CEOs and Email

You know those times when you send an email out into the blue (often a first time communication with someone) and you get no answer?

And you know those times when you email a CEO/President for the first time and you get your request answered, either personally or through other means, in max 30 minutes?

This is the strange thing about email- in my experience:

  • CEOs/Presidents answer a first time email from someone in max 30min.
  • Managers and other executives - may take a day, two or about 1 week.
  • Staff lower than managers - you can forget about getting an answer from them, unless it's the CEOs PA.

Why is that? I know what that tells me, that CEOs got there by being very proactive, fast and decisive - but what about the rest? Is there somebody still thinking that not answering an email with a relevant/pertinent request is a good thing for your personal image and development?

What do you think? I'm dying to find out.